What Does Miranda Rights Mean To You

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What are the Miranda Rights and what should they mean to you? Why is exercising the Miranda Rights beneficial to you? Why are law enforcement officers required by law to advise an individual that is being investigated for a criminal offense of their Miranda Rights? Why should Miranda Rights be important to you? The Miranda Right should be important to you, because when being arrested, questioned, or investigated a person must know the constitutional rights that are given unto them so they know what they are able and unable to do. The Miranda Rights are part of a preventative criminal procedure rule that states law enforcement are required to administer Miranda Rights to an individual who is in custody and is subject to direct questioning for a criminal violation of law. When a person is detained or taken into custodial arrest and interrogated for a criminal offense, if he or she wishes to remain silent the individual must expressly state that he or she chooses to remain silent. In addition, if the individual asserts that he or she wishes to speak to an attorney or have an attorney present, police must then cease interrogations and wait until…show more content…
The Constitution protects a person’s rights by giving them the power to choose if they want to say self-incriminating statements. This can be noticed in the Miranda vs. Arizona case. The fifth amendment protects this. The sixth amendment provides that everyone has the right to an attorney. In conclusion, I believe that the Miranda Rights are and will forever be important to society. Everyone should have the right to an attorney, and also the right to remain silent. After reading this, what are your opinions on the Miranda Rights? Miranda Rights are very beneficial to people and the society of the United States of America. I encourage everyone to read about the Miranda Rights, because the person could learn a great deal of information on this specific
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