What Does Montag's Conflict In Fahrenheit 451

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(MIP-2) From certain experiences, Montag comes to realize that he’s not actually happy with his life because he discovers that it lacks genuine, valuable, or humane relationships, eventually driving him to find the truth about his society by making him think about and question it. (SIP-A) Montag realizes from his experiences with Clarisse that his relationships in his life lack genuity, value, or humanity. (STEWE-1) From one of his first experiences with Clarisse, Montag feels something that he realizes he never felt before in his daily life. He ponders to himself, "How rarely did other people's faces take of you and throw back to your own expression, your own innermost trembling thought?" (Bradbury 8). What Montag is pondering about is how she behaved so attentive and natural towards…show more content…
And men like Beatty are afraid of her. I can't understand it. Why should they be so afraid of someone like her?'" (Bradbury 64). These realizations Montag had about his own relationships has now made him start his path of questioning by first asking about society’s view on people who are genuinely social like Clarisse. (STEWE-2) Besides asking questions about society’s relationships, Montag questions further and starts asking about society’s rules on burning books after he experiences a woman burn with her books. He says to Mildred, “'There must be something in books, things we can't imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house; there must be something there.'" (Bradbury 48). Montag, before, had blindly followed and enforced society’s rules about burning books. But now that he sees someone’s life be taken by his enforcement, he starts putting in hard consideration about the very things that are against the laws of his own society and wonders why exactly his society would ban books. (STEWE-3) Eventually, he questions his society so much that Montag starts rebelling by reading books against the rules, now determined to find the answers to his questions about
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