What Does Moses Symbolize In Animal Farm

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Joseph Stalin took the lives of over 20 million people in the Soviet Union during his rule. Stalin took over after the Russian Revolution and quickly gained absolute power and became corrupted and worse than the old ruler, Tsar Nicholas. The novella Animal Farm, a satirical fable by Eric Blair, who writes under the pseudonym of George Orwell, parallels this. Orwell depicts the Russian Revolution in a bad light, portraying Stalin as an overweight, greedy boar. Mr. Jones (the Tsar) is the owner of the farm that all but one of the animals abhor. The single animal is Mr. Jones ' special spy, Moses the raven, who seems to be loyal to the humans in the beginning. Mr. Jones is a tyrannical leader that robs the animals of their freedom, and Moses the…show more content…
Moses the raven seems to be one of Mr. Jones ' devoted followers. Moses is a symbol for religion, telling stories of Sugarcandy Mountain, metaphorically representing heaven. Sugarcandy Mountain is Moses ' way of influencing the other animals. The aspect of a paradise after death compels the animals to work harder and complain less. The raven gives up his freedom by fleeing the farm with Mrs. Jones after the Rebellion, and by spying for Mr. Jones. Moses is more aware than the rest of the animals, because he realizes the animals are losing their equality; he displays this when he abandons the farm, foreseeing the corruption of the new leadership. Although Moses is a follower, his behavior differs from that of the other animals. Most of the lower class animals give up their freedom because they are uneducated and do not realize what is occurring. On the other hand, Moses obeys Mr. Jones because the raven receives benefits; Mr. Jones is not as cruel to Moses as he is to the other animals. Moses and his master, Mr. Jones, are prime examples of a leader-follower relationship in both Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution. The main lesson of the novella can be summarized into one quote from Winston Churchill: "Absolute power corrupts, and power corrupts absolutely." Even after the animals impeach the old hated ruler, the new leadership grew to have many of the same qualities as the old regime, mainly the lower class blindly following the upper class. As a result, the greedy
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