What Does Obama's Speech Represent Change

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Ok so i 'm guessing that you are wondering what is change.Change can be anything from, experiencing a new place or trying something new that you haven 't eaten before. Changing schools can be a big adjustment because you need to meet new people and get used to your new environment.So think about how change has happened in your life. For me I started playing high school sports.so my friends changed because I can 't really hang out like those who don’t play sports. So they find people that adapt to their hobbies and interests. Because my hobbies are sports I find people that are like minded. So we can set a goal and help each other get to that goal. Some of my goals are go to college and get a degree in engineering. I have a passion to succeed academically and athletically to further myself in life.

How does Obama’s speech represent change? We obviously know that he is the first black president, so people are seeing that America is changing slowly. In America we have a lot of racism issues that have occurred in our history and to end up having a black president is big change for some. At one point in America a black person wasn 't considered a human, they were treated inhumanely and used as tools for the white man. Then look at at the people
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In Ain 't I A Woman you can read the pain that she had to go through being black and being black in America at that time was a struggle. That 's why you don 't see me complaining about what I don 't have. Because the people that fought for my freedom didn 't have the things I have. So you read that she had to walk in the dirt and mud, as white women were carried across it. Then the African American men would get more food than she did but she worked twice as hard than them. So then you think how we have changed today that people that work harder get more money or better grades. So you look at scenario in history that doesn 't have change there are not many. Step back and look at a public area and look at how diverse the world
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