What Does Optimism Mean To You Essay

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2011 was a rough patch for my family because we had to move from Utah to Texas. It was difficult because I had to go to a new school and it just so happens that my mom got a job at my elementary school. On my first day at my new elementary school, kids made fun of me because my mom worked there. I used optimism, courage, and adaptability to be resilient and to overcome the hardships of moving to a new area.

I used optimism by always hoping for the best. Being optimistic doesn’t just mean being hopeful, it also means to be confident. I was nervous at first, but after the first day I knew how the other kids at my school saw me. Then, I was confident that it would all end up okay. When you move to a new school, all you care about is how the other kids see you and if they want to be friends with you. Since I had optimism, I was hopeful and confident for the future.
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Being courageous means to be brave and to do something that is out of your comfort zone. I wasn’t courageous the first couple of days, and when I wasn’t, the teasing just got worse, so I became courageous and the kids didn’t tease me.

Adaptability is huge in the process of moving to a new area. You have to adapt to the culture there. From Utah to Texas, there’s not much of a culture change, but there is a people difference. I didn’t know anyone from Texas and all of my friends and family lived in Utah, so I had to adapt here and make friends and get to know other people once I moved here.

Being adaptable, courageous, and optimizable makes the difference between being resilient and not being resilient. Resiliency is different in everyone and for me, it’s being able to use optimism, adaptability and courage. In some ways, I’m grateful that I moved, because if I didn’t I would have never been given the chance to be
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