What Does Scout Learn From To Kill A Mockingbird

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Lesson To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a well know novel in the United States. There are many lessons being learned throughout the story. One being that as scout gets older she learns not to judge people without walking in their shoes or looking at it through their eyes. Another being scout learning to control her anger by not wereying about what anybody says about her and her family. She also learns not to judge people because of their past and the stories you have heard about them. There are many lessons through out To Kill a Mockingbird that scout learns. First scout as a little girl who doesn 't like anyone talking about her and her family; she learned to control her anger. Atticus told her to not listen to what everyone says about her, on top of that he forbid her to fight. Then Atticus said "Try fighting with your head for a change." (lee 101) This example shows that Atticus doesn 't want Scout to get into anymore fights at school; instead he wants her to think about what she is doing first. Whenever Cecil Jacobs called Atticus a name Scout got mad and she was going to beat him up , but she remembered what Atticus said and she calmed down and walked away. More and more she is put to the test every day but she…show more content…
To Kill a Mockingbird is filled with lessons to learn. Scout learns most of them. First she learns to control her anger. Second she learns to look at things from someone else 's point of view. All she had to do was look at what Atticus had to go through but through his eyes and she would have understood a little better. Last Scout learns not to judge people because of their past and the stories you heard about them. Scout heard bad things about Boo and immediately thought he was a scary monster. After she got older she finally realized everything she learned was very important life lessons. To Kill a Mockingbird was full of lessons to learn about life. Scout learns lots of them as she grows up, and many of them we
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