What Does Shame Mean

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For my visual imagery analysis I chose to do my analysis on the Movie Shame. Shame stars actor Michael Fassbender who plays Brandon. Brandon is a single man living alone; from the outside he has a seemingly average life. He works in an office he has his own apartment he’s in good health. Brandon however has an addiction that causes him much distress, Brandon is a sex addict. The audience is quickly made aware of Brandon’s problem early in the movie. Brandon is shown having sex one minute then chronically masturbating soon after never seeming satisfied. The main character also seems to ignore personal relationships in an attempt to fulfill his addiction. The audience especially sees Brandon ignore relationships when it comes to his sister Sissy.…show more content…
This movie illustrates sex addiction in a way that most movies don’t. Brandon may not enjoy the life he leads but he despises his sister, to him what he is doing isn’t a choice. Brandon believes his sister should be able to control herself. In this paper I will explain how the movie Shame portrays sex addicts in both sexes. I will also give an analysis on why the character Brandon feels so much rage towards his sister Sissy, what that says about us as a society, and the impact these false views can have on women. As I previously stated Brandon the main Character of the movie is a single man. At the beginning of the movie the audience is made very aware of why this movie called shame. Brandon is an extremely sexual person. Brandon doesn’t act like the typical sexual male in a movie though, yes Brandon has sex frequently but he does not seem to enjoy it. He masturbates frequently sometimes even at work and afterwards he often felt disgusted with himself. In our society it is defiantly not considered ok to masturbate at work and Brandon knows this, but he cannot help himself.
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