What Does Sociology Mean To Me Essay

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I believe that taking a course in sociology is really helping me to open my eyes and see the world in a new perspective. I say this because before this class I never had really thought about the world the way I do now. I can literally, see how our learning is connected to the real world and be able to relate certain situations to different reasons. I quote that I have used in a past assignment but that also helps me to understand. “influenced by your personal desires, traits, values, ambitions and abilities” but also a big part in determining these are “your social class, gender, race, religion and ethnicity” (pg.407). I find that quote so important now it’s as if they are steps to understanding your own society, and those aspects are what makes you an individual. I find that to be a valuable fact that sociology has taught me.…show more content…
A person maybe raised one way through their social influences and these will stay with an individual throughout their respective lives. It is important that everyone realizes what is around them by being self-aware. Understanding your social world is how you are able to have a social life, and a full one at that. Enjoying life to its fullest potential. I really can relate this to “sociology is thus a liberating perspective” (Liazos, pg.457). Sociology is what directs us to seeing what the social processes are and what types of impacts we have on others. As Newton, says “Sociology makes us aware of the chains that restrict our movement, but sociology also gives us the tools to break those chains”. The importance of sociology, probably can go even furtherer and deeper than we can comprehend. As I read on I related to,” the sociological imagination gives us a glimpse of the world both as it is and as it could be” (pg.458). Which is also an important aspect of understanding one’s
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