What Does Technology Cause And Effect Essay

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Cause And Effect The use of technology is causing high school and college students to cheat on their assignments due to the internet. The internet is a big problem with plagiarism and cheating because students can look up any subject and get answers for it, whether they are true or not students will rely on the internet for their solutions. Informing students about the consequences of cheating is important. With cheating there is no form of education being developed. There has been many reasons why students cheat on their assignments. According to Asia Pacific Journal, students are unprepared, incapable, pressured, and ignorant of the ethic in their writing environment. If students are busy or don know the material they feel the need to cheat because it 's easier and faster to take someone…show more content…
Websites have been created to help students cheat with their essays. A British Journal tells us about two websites to do a students essay for them. If students are having websites do their homework they will never learn how to write themselves or ever figure out how to cite other people 's work because they might need those writing skills in their future. Technology has changed the entire world and how people view everything. Internet can be accessed anywhere and now because of technology like wifi,laptops,tablets, and cellphones students can access information anywhere. Elizabeth Marcoux article called,”Student Cheating with Technology” she talks about how students have changed and so has the world and the access to and use of information across the world. Technology has also had many effects on students education. Technology has affected students education and work environment. In Marcoux writing she informs us that the effects of students with global writing of the world is pervasive. Global wiring, meaning technology, has spread all of the world and a lot of students don’t see how controlling it is for them. There are different consequences for students that cheat and
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