What Does The Bird Symbolism In The Raven

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Edgar Allan Poe was one of the first writers to express the idea of gothic literature. This poem, “The Raven,” has inspired many opinions as to what the bird symbolizes. As in all forms of literature, the words can mean many things to each unique, individual reader. In this story, a man remains identified as the narrator. It is late at night during December and it is revealed that he has recently lost his love, Lenore. He opens the window when he hears tapping, and the most unexpected thing happens. A raven, as black as night, flies into his room and perches on a statue just above his door. The bird speaks to him, but has a limited vocabulary; it is possible that it is just his old age,deep sorrow and lack of sleep that has created this altered vision of reality. The many controversies and debates that have centered…show more content…
In the repetition of the phrase, nevermore, I believe that there is symbolic meaning that contributes to the conclusion as to what the raven represents in this story. The grieving mind of this man creates an experience that is as real to him as the death of his loved one. He truly believes that there is a miraculous talking bird sitting above his door that won't fly away despite his efforts. I believe that the phrase nevermore is the narrator’s heart-wrenching and soul-crushing acceptance that his beloved Lenore is no longer with them and there is nothing he could do to bring her back. He becomes angry, but I think that he needed to work through his anger to find that calming feeling of acceptance through his struggles. Life goes on, and whether you like it or not, time doesn’t stop for anything. As hard as it is to accept this philosophy, it’s the truth; and the narrator begins to see that. You can choose to make the best or the worst of your current situation, it all depends on your outlook on life and your willingness to make a
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