What Does The Books Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby’s books represent that he is fake, he had a library with a bunch of books that he had never read in his entire life. He wanted people to believe that he was a smart man, also he wanted people to believe that he went to a great University and that the was reason why he had all those books. Gatsby wanted to impress everyone having all those books, so people would think that he was a great man. The symbol is featured as Gatsby trying to pretend to be somebody else, with all the books that he had he was pretending to be a knowledgeable man. The owl eyes man was the first person that suspected that Gatsby was a fake person because he saw that Gatsby had never read none of the books that he had in his library.. Gatsby also was hoping that Daisy would show up to his mansion one day, and he wanted her to see all the books that he had, so she would think that Gatsby was better that her husband Tom. Gatsby shows that he is fake since he changed his real name, he also said that his family was the one that gave him all his wealth, but he was lying. Gatsby thought people were going to love him because of his fake personality, but actually nobody liked him.…show more content…
It reminds me of how people in these days try to pretend to be someone else. Nowadays mostly all people are fake because they are trying to steal someone else 's personality, the way they dress, or even what they do. Everybody should try to show who they really are and not pretend to be somebody else. We should be thankful for what we have, be honest about everything we say. In life is better to be honest with everyone, and not try to be fake as Gatsby did in the novel. If we lie to people about who we really are, nobody would ever believe in us even when we are telling people something that is actually
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