What Does The Color Symbolize In The Wizard Of Oz

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In the novel "The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz" L. Frank Baum uses different colors throughout the novel. These color play a big role in the novel. They symbolize specific things in the story. in the novel the author was very particular on how different regions were colored and what bit represented. the role the color play in the novel are the different regions of Oz. the different colors are suppose to symbolize what each region represents and what their people are about. . The color symbolize the difference in people and culture in their respected regions. In the following paragraphs i will talk about my three reasons. The role that colors play in the novel is to represent the different regions that oz has and it is represent by different colors. In the novel the winkie country was the color yellow. The emerald city was green. The munchkin country was blue. and the quadling country is red. Different parts of oz are identified by the color it has. the different color symbolize the people that live in that part of oz and what they represent. In the next paragraph i will talk about what the color symbolize in the story.…show more content…
Their color is blue is for the munchkin since only munchkin live in that part of Oz. In the winkie country the color is yellow. each region has its color to show what people are native to that part of oz. L. Frank Baum was very specific on what color should represent what parts of Oz.even thought the places are connected they have different color too indicate in what region you are in. In the following paragraph i will talk more about what it
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