What Does The Golden Touch Mean To You Essay

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Things that we need vs. things we don’t need are very close but I am writing about what the differences are. Some people think that what we need is a wall with a big beautiful door in the middle of that wall and make America great again. In some of the stories we read they wanted gold for instance in the story “ The Golden Touch” the main character loved gold so much that he wanted to have it any time he touched something. When he has the curse everything he touched including his daughter turned to gold. He had then regretted his decision just as everyone who decides to give in to their wants. In “The Thrill of the Chase”, one of the characters says, “Well you can’t take it with you.” This is saying that it doesn’t matter what you arrive with because you can’t take it with you…show more content…
This is good because we need less people to give in to their wants. When people give in to their wants they regret because most of the time it affects someone else. When a decision affects someone else it is not a good thing. In the story “The Golden Touch” someone says, “King Midas was fond of gold more than anything.” This is saying that he loved gold and money more than anything. He wanted to have all of the gold in the world. He was greedy and that’s what causes regret. He later regretted his decision to be able to turn things to gold because he accidently turned his daughter to gold and he never got her back. Having greed always ends in total regret. In order to avoid regret you must avoid greed or even giving in to yours wants. Giving into your wants is just like having greed. Having greed or giving into your wants and not your needs always has a bad result. The stories are just examples of past times when it has happened and it still occurs all the time to this day and it will probably never
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