What Does The Rosebush Symbolize In The Scarlet Letter

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Rosebush/Symbol- One example of symbolism in the Scarlet Letter is the rosebush where Hawthorne says “Finding it so directly on the threshold of our narrative”. I think that the rosebush represents the past and when the crimes in the colony weren’t as severe. The rosebush’s colors are the joy that the town experienced back before all of the adultery and major crimes had been committed. Hawthorne chose the rosebush because the rosebush also has thorns that go along with the beautiful petals, which represent how there are always bad things that will happen and those are inevitable. That is why there is the cemetery and prison are the essentials that are important in the colony.
The setting of the story is in the seventeenth-century in a Puritan colony and the townspeople are gathered around a prison building. The people are acting ashamed, wearing sad color or gray clothes, and some people wearing hoods. The time of day is not given although I am assuming it is in the morning shortly after the town has woken up.
Sepulchers-“a small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried.” A sepulcher is a small room-like structure where people have or will be buried.
Inauspicious- “not showing or suggesting that future success is likely.”
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The vibrant colors of the rose bush are the happiness and joyfulness back when the colony was better, with less crimes. The other meaning of portal is that the portal represents the Hester Prynne and her hopes of earning respect by the community again, but the thorns on the rose bush are holding it back and blocking her way. When Hawthorne mentions the word inauspicious he is talking about the unpromising chance of her gaining respect again from the
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