What Does This Suggest Is Apple's Core Competency?

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Jesselyn Ospina Prof Balachander Midterm Project Apple Inc. Case Study 1) Explain Apple's success following Steve Jobs' return. What does this suggest is Apple's core competency? After firing Steve Jobs from Apple, the company was not doing so well. They made new products that flopped. They were at an all time low. Soon after Steve Jobs was appointed CEO once again, Apple started to go up again. Steve Jobs had fresh ideas and brought them to life with his amazing team at the company. His strategy of thinking different is what got them to where they are today. He came in and took out all the obsolete products like the Newton PDA, the complete LaserWriter printer line, and the Apple QuickTake camera. These products were not necessary for what he wanted for the future of Apple. He wanted to create products that were like no other and he accomplished just that.…show more content…
He allowed for all of his employees to create and innovate things as much as possible. It didn’t matter whether the thing they created was the wrong product but he wanted them to create things and see where they can take it. Apple’s focus on creativity and innovation has gotten them really far. It wasn’t just about the products they created but mostly the way they advertised their products. They made you believe that Apple was the best of the best. They made you think that PCs were not cool and that Apple products were fun and young. Their “Think Different” campaign was not like other advertisements at the time. These advertisements didn’t even have the Apple products in them. Even though you didn’t see the product, it still made you want to buy that product. This was very smart on their part to do something like

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