What Does Winston Churchill Mean By Iron Curtain?

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HOMEWORK QUESTIONS (1) What is meant by the "Cold War"? In his speech, what does Winston Churchill mean by an "Iron Curtain"? Does he think another war is inevitable? Does he think World War II could have been prevented? The U.S and Russia were never friends just simply war allies working against a common foe. Following WWII the U.S and Russia sought to spread their government influence of capitalism and communism with the world. With differences in ideas the U.S feared that communism would take over the world and it was their job to allow each nation the freedom to be govern by the people. The cold war was never a direct war but more of a series of proxy wars. The countries never declared war on one another but rather contained the expansion of each other’s influences.…show more content…
Prague Spring is reference to a four-month period of political liberalization in Czechoslovakia breaking free from Soviet Union rule and reforming the communist system. However it didn 't last long and the Soviet Union invaded its ally in 1968 in fear that these reforms would lead to other countries following and breaking away from the communist bloc. (4) According to Map 21.4 and its caption on page 743 in the textbook: What countries won their independence from Soviet control in 1989? When did the Soviet Union collapse? According to the article in Step 4, what are the five remaining Communist countries in the world today? From your reading of The Communist Manifesto in Step 2, what is one main point about Communism? Who are the bourgeoisie and who are the proletariat? In 1989 Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Slovenia, and Herzegovina all won their independence from Soviet control. Then two years later in 1991 the Soviet Union themselves deteriorated breaking off to form 15 separate
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