What Does Writing Mean To Me

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I asked myself the questions how do I write? What does writing mean to me? and I sat staring at the computer screen for hours. I realized that I am the type of writer that likes to get to the point so here it is. I have personally always disliked writing, especially an assignment like this one that is so creative and open to one 's own ideas. They cause me a lot of stress. I like to be given a topic or specific writing instructions when it comes to writing an essay. I like structure, facts, and ideas that I can use, or maybe it’s because I don’t like writing about myself. I really don’t know, but what I do know is that writing to me is a way to express yourself. It lets all your ideas and thoughts on paper at the same time. Writing gives the…show more content…
I write every single day. If it’s not in class it’s through text messages, email, notes, and social media. I never realized how much writing I do maybe because since they weren’t assigned as homework I didn 't really keep track of my text messages or my emails. These forms of writing like a text or an email are very different from each other. When sending a text message it’s less formal usually it’s a short conversation and it’s usually to a friend or family member. On the other hand, an email is a lot more formal and usually to a professor and when it comes to sending an email I feel it has some sort of importance. When it comes to writing an email or text message you could be saying the same exact thing in both of them, but the way you say it can be very different. For example, you can ask someone “Hey let’s hang out and talk”, but when texting your friend you might say, “Wanna chill later” or when writing an email to a professor you would say, “I was wondering if we could sit down and talk”. It’s crazy to think that both the text message and the email are asking someone to meet up with them and talk, but the way they are saying it shows how diverse our writing can be. It shows how sometimes even without noticing depending on who we are writing to or even talking about our writing and voice can
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