What Does Yellow Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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In the Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald uses the color yellow in the book to symbolize and portray Gatsby and his richness. Gatsby’s yellow car shows status and wealth of richness. During the book There’s a point in time where Gatsby is to arrive at Nick’s house to pick him up for lunch that Gatsby invited him to. It was at this time that Nick had noticed the car that Gatsby drove and Nick said, “It was a rich cream color, bright with nickel” (Fitzgerald 68). Given that car is a rich creamy color(the color of yellow) and bright with nickel, gives the fact that Gatsby likes to symbolize his wealth and likes to have higher status than everyone else. The next visible example is when Gatsby is driving through the valley of ashes…show more content…
After being invited to one of Gatsby’s party by a formal note from Gatsby he later attended that very party. “And now the the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music and the opera of voices pitches a key higher” (Fitzgerald 44). The parties that Gatsby host show richness due to how Fitzgerald describes it as being “yellow cocktail” music, yellow being symbol of wealth and gold and the pitches are higher showing the high clarity of the music and richness of the tune being played by the orchestra. During the party that Nick is at, there's two girls who happen to come over and happen to be in yellow dresses, who are stage “twins” and did a baby act in costume. “A pair of stage “twins” who turned out to be the girls in yellow” (Fitzgerald 51). With yellow shown to portray as gold and status of wealth, having the girls wear yellow does just that in showing how rich and lively his parties were specifically hinted at and pointed out by Fitzgerald. Overall Fitzgerald likes to incorporate the color yellow into the parties to show how vibrant and rich they were.
Throught the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald likes to incorporate the use and play with colors to give the reader a hint of symbols throughout the book especially yellow in this
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