What Does Zelda Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul Minnesota in 1896. He was named for his distant relative poet and lawyer Francis Scott Key. F. Scott enlisted in the military in 1917 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry.
F. Scott’s
In 1919, Scott wanted to marry Zelda Sayre who left him at the alter due to her unwillingness to live on Scott’s meager salary. This is reflected as Great Gabsty info …
The couple faced many challenges with drinking and mental instability
In 1920, Fitsgerald was reunited with Zelda after his first successful publication, This Side of Paradise
Soctt and Zelda began to live as young celebraties, enjoying the social life and drank heavily. Fitsgerald wrote the critical acclaim The Great Gatsby in 1925
In 1930 Zelda suffers mental breakdown the couple spent money as fast as they earned it and drank
Fitzgerald dies of a heart attack in Dec 1940
Zelda Dies in a fire in 1948
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Fitzgeralds reputation as an irresponsible writer due to his drinking affected the opinion of his peers and received a lot of criticism. It wasn’t until th e 1960’s that his reputation grew and he was considered on the great American novelists and The Great Gatsby was considered a masterpiece.
Matthew J. Bruccoli, “The Great Gatsby does not proclaim the nobility of the human spirit; it is not politically correct; it does not reveal how to solve the problems of life; it delivers no fashionable or comforting messages. It is just a masterpiece.”
Fistgerald like Gatsby grew was a part of a world that blamed their parents for all the ills of the world, they lived with a fear of the “War to end all wars” He was a part of the lost generation who felt anger, betrayal, and loss of innocence.
The Great Gatsby was build upon rebellion and societal challenges. East verses west, reality verses illusion, it challenged the haves verse the have-nots, urban verses rural and knowledge verse ignorance and apathy verses
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