What Effect Did Manifest Destiny Have On African Americans

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America had a dream of Manifest Destiny (O’Sullivan). Which they believe that God had set aside the entire North America for United States(Textbook). “Which later started the Westward movement”. During the time Native Americans tribes and Mexico had already had been inhabiting the area(Textbook). They would not leave without a fight. Several years before the beginning of Manifest Destiny the native population had owned much of central America. They later lost most of their land even before Manifest Destiny. During the removal “which was before Manifest Destiny the Native Americans had already lost 90% of their land(James ⅔). Trying to prevent the loss of their land they did many things. 16,665 Native Americans had signed a petition to prevent the loss of…show more content…
During the time Mexico wanted war to prevent the lose of their land. “Mexico has shed American blood on American soil”(JK Polk). After James K Polk’s speech the Mexicans were treated as a not human. “They were treated as a leeser people with no rights(Crash Course). Manifest Destiny had a very negative effect on Mexico in which they lost California and Texas to America they gained more than they lost. America had a booming population and they needed more land to satisfy the growing nation, even though america was a young nation we needed to grow. America was willing to sacrifice many things to be able to expand. 2,000 Americans died on the Oregon Trail in search of new land (SOU). We also did many things to keep the power to only whites. We had limited civil rights to only pure whites (Crash Course). Manifest destiny had many different effects on people. America had accomplished their goal of Manifest Destiny, which is the idea that god had set aside all of North America of the United States. The Native Americans had lost all of their land. While Mexico lost california and Texas. Manifest destiny had many affects on Mexico, Indians, and the United
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