What Effect Did The Second World War Have On American Society Essay

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Europe was still very unstable because of the effects of World War I especially Germany. Their politics and economy were very unstable, so it was easy for a dictator to take the “throne”. Hitler and the Nazi party soonly took over. The Allied powers continually tried to get Hitler to stop expanding and conquering other lands. Hitler agreed, but continually disregarded them violating and denouncing the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I. Germany signed treaties with Japan and Italy to help them take over the world. Hitler then invaded Poland infuriating France and Great Britain and making them declare war on Nazi Germany and their allies. What effect did the Second World War have on American society? World War II like World War…show more content…
The US started to really gain the upper hand due to their thorough planning, sheer numbers, materials and straight up intelligence. In the long term, the US gained the upperhand because of their huge industrial capacity. The US produced huge numbers of aircraft carriers, planes and cargo ships while Japan a smaller poorer nation did not produce near as much. The US had many more soldiers than the Japanese. The Americans had many ingenious plans like General Douglas MacArthur’s “leapfrogging” strategy which devastated Japan. After Japan refused to surrender, the atomic bomb was dropped destroying the Japanese. What efforts did the Allies make to shape the postwar world? After the deadliest war in human history there were many things that needed to be decided.The “Big Three” Allied leaders which includes Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt came meet on February 1945 at a Crimean resort for the sole purpose of discussing the postwar world called the Yalta Conference. At the Yalta Conference they discussed how Germany would be governed and many other issues. A new world security organization the United Nations was created. This organization still stands today and important leaders meet and try to solve worldwide issues in a way that grants peace to
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