What Else God Wanted By Lena Bell Analysis

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Family of No Choice Everyone in their life regrets a moment of time that happened. Wishing, what else could have happened? There is always a different side of story, from different kinds of perspective views. Sometimes not hearing what the certain type of person felt in their lives, but did not say anything. Wishing to hear how that person really felt. In the poem, “What Else God Wanted” written by Elana Bell talks about how biblical characters really would of felt. Throughout the poem it sums up conflict and troubles. This way the characters in this poem have a chance to express their true human feelings. Majority of people who know these characters would perceive them as holy characters from the stories of the Bible. Bell gives the characters…show more content…
Bell brings a simile and imagery in the first stanza, “He smelled like the soil after rain.”(Bell11-12) Ishmael was described to the soil after rain of how he smelled. Loving his two mothers Ishmael saw as both soft voiced and nursing. Ishmael came from the choice of Sarah and Abraham. The imagery that is shown was, “and two mothers cooed and chewed your food to make it soft.”(Bell 2-4) Both mothers had soft voices, taste, and made things soft. Ishmael sees that he is treated as a slave and not as a son. Sarah was not able to have a baby, presented Abraham with Hagar her servant to conceive. Ishmael was a forced baby to want and Ishmael realizes that, but he still has faith in God. Since Sarah and Abraham did not have patience with God and did not have faith in God. Ishmael ends his feelings with ending with him being so small and able to crush. Bell has an enjambment in the first sentence of the first stanza, “First you were the only and two mothers who cooed and chewed your food to make it soft.” (Bell1-4) This first sentence shows up as a run on with no comas being grammatically wrong. Ishmael ends with, “He was small enough to crush” (Bell 13) an end-stopped line that Bell thought would be a good idea to add to give a no ending to Ishmael’s…show more content…
Sarah, Abraham’s wife had something against Hagar and Ishmael. Sarah made Abraham send Ishmael his first son and Hagar away. The sun disappeared when Hagar and Ishmael disappeared from Abraham’s sight. “”The sun closed its eyes” (Bell 41) is a personification describing the sun closing its eyes, but the sun does not have eyes like a human. Abraham here becomes sad and regretful for sending them away. At the end Abraham would give anything away to get back Ishmael and Hagar back. One imagery showing sight in Abraham’s eyes, “I watched until they shrank into ants and the desert whitened” (Bell 45-46). Abraham loved them as family but was forced to send them away by Sarah. All this happened because Sarah was blessed from God who gave her, her first son named Isaac. So Sarah saw that she needed no need of Hagar no more and she did not love Ishmael as much as she loved her first son Isaac. Which any mother would in real

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