What Factors Affect Cosmetics Shopping Behavior

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. How do consumers ’ cultural, social, personal, and psychological characteristics affect their cosmetics shopping behavior? How do these factors affect the way cosmetics executives view consumers? How are these factors changing? As the text suggests, culture is the most basic cause of a person ‘ s wants and behavior. The case suggests that, as in many other product areas, Japanese women have been demanding but loyal customers willing to pay high prices for high-quality cosmetics. The case also indicates that Shiseido ‘ s traditions fit very well in Japan, but many not be as suitable for the American market where they are unknown. Students may suggest…show more content…
The increasing number of women who work in the U.S. market has meant that these women want convenience when they shop. They like cosmetics to be available in drug, grocery, and discount stores where they normally have to shop anyway . They are also more likely to buy cosmetics through catalogs in order to save time. The better educated consumer described in the case would have the self confidence to select cosmetics on the basis of factors other than glamour, image and prestige of manufacturer and retailer. They would be willing to shop in discount stores and buy substitute brands if the value of Shiseido or other designer brands (such as Lauder, Lancome, etc.) is not demonstrably higher. Personality and self-concept are especially important in cosmetics, because, as the case notes, cosmetics are an image-driven product. How consumers feel about themselves and about how cosmetics help them will drive their shopping behavior. If women feel the need to improve as they have in the past, they will be more attracted to products

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