What Factors Lead To Ineffective Teamwork

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Once you have reviewed the Project resources, respond to the below prompts:

Teamwork factors: What factors lead to effective teamwork? What factors lead to ineffective teamwork? Provide a number of examples of each.

There are so many factors that lead to the effectiveness of team performances in different ways. On the other side, ignoring some of the considerations can lead to a poor or ineffective team performance (CANDELA COURSES, n.d).

The following are some of the factors that lead to the effectiveness of team performance:
1. Members’ dependence to one another: This is a way that members of the team feel a need to have other members to have a full independence. As an instance, as we work on this project, I depend on Chanelle and Lysette because I cannot work on the project independently, without their participation.

2. Members’ trust of one another: Mutual trust among the group members is one of the most necessary consideration that should be thought about. With trust, members are able to work collaboratively for the team’s performance.

3. Working more as a team: An English proverb says that two heads are better than one (Mazer, 2017), people working as a team are recommended to hold their hands together and stay stronger as they work. As an instance, there is a goal keeper, strikers, defenders and midfielders working for their football team to win a game. This should be the same in teams whereby all the members work on their assigned responsibilities for the

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