What Factors Led To The American Revolution?

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Early after the Seven Years’ War Americans felt that they were apart “of a great empire.” However this sense of national pride that the Americans held would soon come to an end. After the war many assumed that the British “troops would be disbanded,” however that was not the plan of King George III. He decided to leave the troops in America, supposedly for the protection and preservation of order in the newly conquered territories. (America Past and Present, P. 108) The British government shortly after passed the Proclamation of 1763 which forbade settlement passed the Appalachian Mountains. (America Past and Present, P. 108) These two decisions irritated the colonist because having British troops in the colonies made the colonist feel that, one they were being controlled, and two being obstructed from legitimate economic development. (America Past and Present, P. 108) After the war, Britain was also left with an overwhelming national debt. Because Great Britain had contributed so generously finically (so generously that they were left in debt), to a war that gained the British colonist territorial right to long disputed regions in North America. Britain shortly after felt that it was only fair that the colonist start raising revenues (through increased taxation) for the debt Britain was left with. Despite the common belief that taxes were what led to the American Revolution.…show more content…
It was actually a combination of many factors including the aforementioned decisions of Britain, and the debate of parliamentary sovereignty in a land that was starting to form a national identity of its
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