What Good Writing Means To Me

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Good writing means that you keep erasing what you wrote because, you don 't feel confident about it. It means you stress about it because, you cannot put the words together that you want. You cannot use the words we are used to writing like can 't and won 't. Good writing means it takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. To tell the truth I took this because Mrs.Hartman said it was, a good class to take. Now that I am sitting here listening to you say how hard it was, I wanna run out and go drop it. I am not going to. I need the challenge. From this class going to college and writing papers is gonna be so easy. Its gonna make me excel in my classes. I hope my future professors notice me because of the way I write. I hope they …show more content…

Not only will I be using writing in college I will be using it in my future career. Im hoping will be either Physician 's Assistant or Preschool Teacher. Being a preschool teacher you get to teach little kids to write there name and realize when things should or should not be capitalized. As a Physician 's Assistant you have to write prescriptions and, write about every patient they see to give to their Physician to look over it. Writing is in my future even more than I thought but this class will help with my future even more. When it comes to writing I write what I feel or am thinking. I write what seems right. My current approach is to reread and delete and reread and delete like 1000 times. When something does not seem right I highlight tell I can figure out if I need to get rid of it or if it fits. Tell the truth I feel like I do not have a strength as a writer. I feel like when it comes to writing I am average at everything. I suck at remembering where commas go. I cannot tell what there to use. I constantly want to use can’t. I never capitalize words I should or I never capitalize I. The only way I realize I should is by the red line under it that show’s it is wrong. Do not even get me started about the semicolon I can never figure out when I use it and when not to.That is literally why this class is good

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