What Happened Before The Trial Of Holden Caulfield

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This is the first psychiatric hospital admission of the patient, a 16 year-old male. The psychiatric patient admitted himself to care at 9:45 pm on November 21st, 1954. Holden Caulfield arrived at Seattle Grace Hospital with his parents, and younger sister Phoebe. When Caulfield arrived, Holden appeared to be exhausted and lost. He was wearing a beige jacket with a dark brown scarf and a red hunting hat. Mr. Caulfield walked in like he did not have any idea what was going on. He was tired looking, as if he hasn’t gotten sleep in 72 hours. But, he was aware about where he was. When he was admitted, Mr. Caulfield was abandoned by both his parents and his little sister. The patient started to call everyone a “phony” or called everything “lousy”.…show more content…
Holden Caulfield have been unusual. Caulfield recently was expelled from Pencey Prep. According to school officials, Holden Caulfield was suppose to leave for home on Wednesday but, a fight with his roommate, Ward Strandlater, made him to leave much earlier. After leaving Pencey Prep, Holden went on a train to his hometown of New York City but did not go home. Instead of going home, he stayed at many hotels and went to many clubs and bars during this time. Holden even hired a prostitute but did not encounter any sexual intercourse. After this, Holden went on a date with a female named Sally Hayes. The date did not go well. After the date, Holden returned to his home where he snuck in to talk to his sister but left before his parents knew he was in the house. He later then visited his former teacher, Mr. Antolini. Holden reports that Mr. Antolini went to Mr. Antolini’s home and slept over for the night but woke up to the man petting his forehead. Holden immediately left and spent the rest of the night in Penn Station. Holden, feeling lost at this point, Caulfield reports that he left the city to go out and make a better life for himself and others around him. Before leaving, Caulfield left Phoebe a note stating to meet him before he left. Holden and Phoebe met each other in Central Park. Rather than saying goodbye, Phoebe wanted to go with Holden. Holden refused but, he bought her a ticket for the carousel and watched his sister go on it. Holden stated that “watching her on the lousy carousel made me feel happy.”. Caulfield ended up going home but then later reported that him being home made him even more depressed. home, Holden became depressed again. His parents then took him to Seattle Grace where the patient is
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