What Happened In My Lai: A Nation Divided

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In the Vietnam war the United States lost everything that made it a superior defender for freedom and justice. We lost money and the support of American and South Vietnam citizens, because of that we lost our confidence and power. Without having confidence and feeling powerless, it questions whether we are capable of handling our nation 's conflicts while supporting South VIetnam. During the war the United States lost around $350-900 billion total in the Vietnam war (www.the vietnam war.info, 2014). Factories that used to produce consumer goods in the US eventually had to convert to producing military equipment to help support the war. Because of the factories converting what they were producing, it caused a decrease in shopping rates…show more content…
Some people thought that we shouldn 't be in the war because it wasn 't our war to fight, and others thought we should get involved to stop the spread of communism. In a Nation Divided, many men would avoid getting drafted by lying about their health condition, marrying, and moving to Canada. People often questioned whether we should have a draft or not because of the fact that not everyone had the desire to fight for our country. In the article What Happened in My Lai, the massacre changed the perspective the US citizens had on us being in Vietnam. Investigations concerning what happened in My Lai were misleading and superficial, and the info was suppressed. Americans at home really didn 't know what was going on in Vietnam and what they did know, made it seem like we did nothing wrong. In Dear America we lost the public 's support when information about what was actually happening was released. This is when citizens really started to disagree with the government 's choices and with us being in Vietnam. There started to be protesting and there was a huge diversity within the different groups of people. You can 't support the troops in Vietnam if there is diversity and protesting at home, now there was two major issues the government had to try
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