What Happened In Weed Short Story

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The Story of What Happened in Weed “Where did you guys work before you came here” Slim asked. George said “Well after we left our hometown Auburn we hadda go somewhere lookin’ for work, so we gone all over California workin’ in ranches and buckin’ barley. But all dem jobs were damn short, we wasn’t gettin’ no money at all. So after a hell of a long time we finally found a ranch in weed where we’d be able to make a few bucks and it was a real nice place, ya know big ol’ ranch with a sweet lil’ town just a mile down South. Me and Lennie were real happy there, cos we could go over to the town on Sunday and sit on the street and watch life go by. Ye, we had a hellu’ve good life up in Weed.” George paused and before he continued. “So we was sittin’ in the gutter one day in a quiet place of the town and Lennie sees a girl come by, really purty girl with a pink beautiful dress, ya know the color of dem real fancy cakes the baker makes for those rich folks. And there’s two things Lennie jus’ loves - bright colors and soft things, so when…show more content…
Stupid as I was I didn’t do nothing to stop him.” Lennie blushed when he recalled the moment, and suddenly smiled and said “That dress was the prettiest thing I seen in my whole life George!” George shot Lennie and angry look

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