What Happened To 9/11 Essay

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Sixteen years prior from today a disaster fell upon the United States called 9/11.This day brought to light all kinds of security issues that needed to be fix immediately. It was additionally a defining moment for American airlines and how they handle security, for instance they made new associations, plane upgrades. 9/11 was the day that Americans understood that their shores were no longer protected from terrorism. After that day, United States began to up their security and hope that a day like 9/11 could never happen again. Prior to September 11, 2001 there were a number of areas that needed to be addressed with regard to airline security. One of these changes pertained to those hired by the airlines to act as security scanners. They were often unable to detect possible threats found on passengers and/or on their bags or luggage. These threats include weapons such as cutting devices, guns, harmful electronic devices, bombs, and airborne pathogens. The reason for the failure to detect these devices were mostly a result of the constant turnover in the workplace and in the industry. The workers were also poorly…show more content…
Prior to 9/11 the access control of the airports was not very secured in airports at the time, especially not as much as the government would like them to be. For example a year before 9/11 government agents used fake law enforcement badges to gain access to secure areas throughout the airport. They were able to bypass even security checkpoints at two airports with fake badges. Those agents could have been carry threats to the aircraft or its passengers. With those fake badges the agents were able to pass security 70% of the time which is a big percentage of success rate. At this point in time there were really no regulations with regard to airport employees or passenger background

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