What Happened To George Pullman's Case?

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Imagine not being able to feed your family, afford a place to live, and your employer does not care. This was reality for the citizens of Pullman town. George Pullman was the creator of the Pullman Car, a luxury sleeper car manufacture company. He created Pullman Town where he made all of his workers live. In 1894, when the depression hit, Pullman cut wages by 25% and refused to reduce rents, which caused the employees to be in debt and not able to pay off any dues. According to a testimony from Jennie Curtis, who said, “my father owes the Pullman company $60 at the time of his death for back rent, and the company made me, out of my small earnings, pay the rent due from my father.” Thus, Jennie Curtis was not able to mourn properly due to not being able to pay off her father 's debt. But at the same time the payments to the stockholders…show more content…
George Pullman might say that he wanted to listen the worker’s demands by inviting them to share their complaints with him. However, his actions showed that his true intentions were not to arbitrate the disputes, but to declare that he will fire anyone who complains about the wages. When Pullman was visited by 43 workers asking for lower rents or higher wages, he, in return, fired three members of the grievance committee, while claiming that he had no more use for their services. Workers were kicked out for simply explaining their financial difficulties to him, while others decided to quit because of the way Pullman treated the workers that he fired. Not only was this an irrational response, Pullman was not even trying to listen to these people. He refused to make any fair agreements, wanting to keep his money to himself. And this resulted in 125,000 workers losing their job. In other words, Pullman did not care about the workers. The question is, How can a “fair response” be made by someone who does not care about the victims of the economic
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