What Happened To James Heinzenberg's Sacrifice?

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What happened? Why did I do this? Where am I? It was a dark stormy spring night. There was once a kid named James Heinzenberg, his parents were very rude and demanding. It was like James was their slaves doing everything for them and not getting a minute to himself. One day, James thought it would be a great idea if he were to run away, and that’s exactly what he did. Through his window, he went and he was off into the woods. He brought nothing but a flashlight because he didn’t have much. He was wearing a shaggy white t-shirt and jeans he got from his closet, and a hat. He was in the woods trying to turn on the flashlight but it was not working. He kept trying and trying but it would not budge. Later then he opened up where the batteries go and he realized he had none. So the only light source he had was the light of the moon beaming on him and the stars gazing upon him. There was nothing in the woods but the only things he heard were owls, wolves or dogs, and…show more content…
He decided since he was so hungry that he would go get some food, but the only place that was open was the convenience store at the gas station and there was no one at the front desk, so he decided to steal some chocolate bars, chips, and a bottle of water. He grabbed everything he needed and then walked out the door without realizing that the door had a scanner that causes it to trigger an alarm and that’s exactly what happened and then James was caught. The police came and so did his parents. “Mom, Dad!” they were hugging for about a second and they were so happy. Then James’s parents realized that he had complained that he does too many chores and feels like a slave. So after that, James’s parents decided to change their way of parenting and not to treat James like a “slave.” James told his parents everything from how he escaped and how he found a bear and it chased him and he almost stole from a store. Then James agreed to never run away ever

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