What Happened To Jenny Goodheart's Suicide?

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On January 2nd, Jenny Goodheart noticed two bottles of milk sitting outside Mr. Peacock’s door. Confused and worried, Ms. Goodheart looked through his window to see his dead body lying on the floor. She ran down to the police station and told us what had happened. My detective crew and I had gone to Mr. Peacock 's house and entered through the window to see him lying there like Ms. Goodheart had explained. From the evidence my team and I gathered we had determined that the death of Winston Peacock was a suicide because of his lack of money, the gun in his right hand, and him living alone. One reason this was a suicide is him being broke. There was a commodities newspaper on his desk. Commodities is a newspaper that has to do with stocks. He could have failed in his stocks and lost much of his money, tempting him to commit suicide. Mr Peacock was said to have a fortune. You have to have a good amount of money to even start in stocks. So he had put his fortune into stocks that crashed. We found a list of things on his desk, one of which is a note that says “phone bill”. This shows that he was slow on his bills and is lacking money. This can be turned into a motive of suicide. Another big piece of evidence is that he lives on his own and there is no way to get in. His door has several locks on it. There was no way someone could have…show more content…
It was easy to tell the he was right handed as the commodities newspaper he was reading was on the right hand side of his chair. As well as the pen on his desk, we saw it lying near the right side next to some papers. The gun was facing the opposite way from his head. This proves that when he shot himself, the gun recoiled and swung to the other direction leading to believe that it was a suicide. There is also a missing gun on the wall identical to the one he has in his hand. If anyone were to somehow get in his house they wouldn 't take the higher gun and shoot
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