What Happened To John Steinbeck's War?

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“The skies rained Death... For thirty-five days a battered Atlanta hung grimly on, hoping for a miracle...Then there fell a silence... more terrifying than the pounding of the cannon...” On the other hand, the war was going on rapidly. His teams of armies were putting a lot of effort fighting with the Yankees. Day after day, both his teams of armies and Yankees were decided to rest for some time as they all have exhausted lot of human resources during the war and they need to prepare more on human resources for the coming war. Out of his expectation, Yankees were attacked the town where they stayed for almost their whole life. Immediately he wrote a letter to Evelyn and Amelia asked them to leave the town to a safe place. There was a person named Winston…show more content…
After few days of lying on the bed, he determined not to be a coward anymore as there is no time for him to wait anymore. He has to fight with the Yankees in order to get peacefully life for the citizens. First thing first, he planned everything instead of reckless action. He was trying all his best to reduce the amount of death for his teams of armies as there is no life of people he would like to scarify anymore in the war. During the war happens, he saw a lot of dead body on the road, it is neither his teams of armies nor Yankees. They were all sacrificed for the war, their family lost them and fed up of losing their son or partner in the war. It was December and close to Merry Christmas and so armies was allowed to holidays for few days going home to celebrate Christmas. He met his wife, Amelia and she told him that there was no food at home anymore since the Yankees came to occupy the town few months ago. So, his wife told him that she has an idea of getting all the foods ready by planting by herself. She decided to plant some vegetables and fruits in the farm besides their house. Yet, he believed that wealth could bring them better life

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