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Good morning to my beautiful lecturer Miss Nazratul Akmal Hashim and fellow friends. On this beautiful morning, I would love to share with you a very exciting and adrenaline-pumping movie that I have watched. The title of the movie is What Happened to Monday? Or Seven Sisters. The 123 minutes movie was produced by a very good and commit producer, Max Botkin under Rafaella Production. The script was written by Kerry Williamson and directed by Tommy Wirkola. So, let we start with the character first. The main character are Noomi Rapace. She played Karenn Settman’s role as seven identical sisters with different personality traits and attributes. Next, Willem Dafoe as Terrence Settman which is grandfather to Karenn Settman. As for antagonist character, Glenn Close as Nicolette Cayman is a Prime Minister that…show more content…
The audience can really predict the storyline of the movie. It also lack of entertainment as it is a science fiction movie. What Happened to Monday have been nominated a Variety Piazza Grande Award in Locarno International Film Festival 2017. All in all, What Happened to Monday has received an equal critical acclaims and critics. The rating for the movie is 3.7 over 5 and its quite good for a science fiction movie. To recapitulate, what matters most in the film is the storyline, characters and heart. For me personally, What Happened to Monday is a great film that cleverly crafted mix of sci fi, masterful storytelling, well executed action with a emotional component that's genuinely touching. . I have watched it three times and I still want to watch it again and again as it have a very good plots for everyone who loves science fiction movie. So friends, if you still haven’t watched the movie, you can watched it on Netflix. You will be treated to 123 minutes of a mix of a suspenseful thriller and a terrifying dystopian

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