What Happened To President Reagan's Success?

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Some people think that President Reagan did more damage to this country than he did help it and other people think that he was one of the best presidents we have ever had. However, I think that he was successful in completing his economic goals and not only pleased the American people but did it in a way that he thought was best for this country. Reagan drastically reduced inflation from that of the Carter administration (Reagan Economy and Society Slide 7). Reagan was also successful in his goal of Raising the Gross Domestic Product. Over the course of his administration he raised the GDP thirty-four percent which is an incredible growth when compared to that of other presidents. The Obama has only seen a growth of about thirteen percent, which is still impressive but nothing compared to that of Reagan. Furthermore, Reagan had a goal to reduce unemployment over the course of his administration. Over his eight years in office he cut the rate of unemployment in this country in half (Reagan Economy and Society Slide 9). Reagan was very successful in fulfilling his economic goals and that is why I think he was one of our best presidents.

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When Reagan took office in 1981 the GDP was at 6.59 trillion dollars. When he left office in 1989 the GDP had risen to 8.85 trillion dollars. With a thirty-four percent increase over the course of his administration. This is an astonishing amount and probably well exceeded any increase Reagan could have possibly hoped for. Reagan was able to do this thanks to his two tax cuts. The first of the two is known as “The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981.” This along with the “Tax Reform Act of 1886” helped businesses grow thus creating jobs and increasing the GDP. Reagan was extremely successful in accomplishing this goal and it is just another reason that he is one of the most productive and successful president we have ever
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