What Happened To Siegfried's Journey?

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During an adventure, many events occur that change the world in a negative or positive way. In Zamby's article it is said that "Success on the heroes quest is life changing, for everyone and by achieving victory, they have changed the original world "(Zamby). One of the many events that occurred during the journey was "With one blow, Siegfried slew Farner, which enabled Siegfried to understand the prophetic language of the birds"(Bierlein 182). He also changes many others in the book to change the storyline like when " However in removing the helmet, Siegfried had transformed walküre into a mere mortal woman. He placed the ring on her and vowed to return for her" (Bierlein 183). This event changed the outcome of the book because if he never did this there would have never been a fight over married and he would not have died. Many items also effected the adventure and helped him towards his goal. In the event described as "He took the shattered fragments of the sword and began to reforge it at the mimes anvil"(Bierlien 182-183) says how he did this and later how it would soon help in the future. These events changed the outcome of the book and how the character would change the original world this story is placed in.…show more content…
He embodies the archetypical hero that is described in Zamby's writing in ways such as having allies, having his own journey, and changing the original world that he lives in. His story relates to many children's stories such as The Hobbit and Harry Potter in ways that are described in Zamby's writing. Siegfried grows up through tough times and dies tougher, but had experienced a very extravagant
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