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What happened to the Lindbergh Baby What Happened To The Lindbergh Baby Danette L. Burnette Kaplan University Today we are going to talk about the Lindbergh kidnapping and the three components that apply to the case. How they are different in each component. In the 1930s Mr. Lindbergh had a famous life by flying planes around the world. After him and his wife got married they want to settle down in a little town and have a family out of the public's eye. Mr. Lindbergh didn't want his past to follow him and the family. (The Lindbergh Kidnapping (n.d.). The first component we are going to talk about is the role the police have in the case. The night of March 1, 1932, at a later hour the nanny went to check on the baby…show more content…
They were New York Police Department and F.B.I. The police started in the nursery to find any clues of how they got in the second story window and all they found was a note that was left behind on the window seal. Asking for money and for it to be taking a place in four days for drop off if they when to the police they will never see their son again. It also said they were planning the kidnapping for a while and they were being watched for a while also. While the police were doing your investigation they had to rule out all possible that it was not one of the family members or workers. After all, was done here was only 1 suspect that fit the profile and his name was Bruno Hauptmann and Law enforcement took him into custody. The second component is the court's systems after they have probable cause of Bruno Hauptman that killed baby Lindbergh that was only twenty months old died from a severe fracture of the head. The ransom letters matched his handwriting, wood tool marks found on the ladder used to climb in the room matched the tools that Mr. Hauptman owned, and wood used for the ladder matched the wood used on his attic floor. Although the evidence based on the case was circumstantial it was enough to bring Mr. Hauptman to trial (The New York Times, 2013). He has a five-week trial that began on Jan 3, 1935, Mr. Hauptmann was sentenced to death and was electrocuted on April 3rd,

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