What Happened To The Pueblo Revolt?

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SOUTHWEST SETTLEMENTS The Southwest was home to many cultures, some forced, and some created. Although there was quite for many years for the local Native Americans. Spaniards took over and controlled much land to create much of what is left today. But not only were Native American’s controlled, land was formed and taken as well. Resulting in what is left today in modern culture. But there are differences and some similarities to the French and English territories to the North East. Once the Spaniards invaded, what happened to most culture? What happened to the land? What happened to the people? The Spaniards are invading Mexico, taking away the Mayan empire and their gold. Although, this wasn’t enough, so they explored north of Mexico until they entered what is now the US territory. Upon entering, not much was different, everything was still a desert, but there was life, the Native Americans. Many of which were either…show more content…
There’s an end. The local Pueblo people were tired of being controlled. So they planned to rebel, planned to bite back. And so they did on August 10, they revolted the infamous fight titled the “Pueblo Revolt”. They succeeded in doing this by pushing back all of the Spaniards back. Gaining their land and personal freedom back from them. But the Pueblo revolt wasn’t the only rebellion that happened from Native Americans. In the North East, other tribes attacked settlers because they settled on their land, most being successful, others not. If the Pueblos were not able to win against the Spaniards. Most likely, Spain would have advanced into the US. And the English would have fought with Spain and France. Possibly resulting in a different US that what it is today. Perhaps, territories would have been altered and religions including Catholicism would have spread throughout the lands. Many possibilities would have happened, but thanks to the Pueblo Revolt, the U.S is what it is
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