What Happened Under The Shang And Zhou's Rule Of Heaven?

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The Rule of Heaven While many cultures in the Neolithic Age developed in the Middle East such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley since 8000 B.C., the Chinese civilization evolved rapidly in under the Shang and Zhou dynasties. As any civilization in that period, providing safety and economic wealth were the main duties for any ruler; however, the Chinese early political system was little different than other civilizations. For instance, in Egypt, the pharaoh was viewed as a living God and his dynasty should rule until it is unable to. On the other hand, the Chinese believed in the Mandate of Heaven, a philosophical idea or a belief that heaven chooses the emperors to rule based on their ability to govern fairly and if they do not fulfill their obligations then they lose the Mandate and the right to be…show more content…
In the eleventh century B.C., the Zhou overthrew the Shang dynasty to end their rule. The Zhou had claimed that Heaven provided authority and legitimacy to a ruler only if he took care of the people and in that case the Shang did not. The Shang had become unfit and corrupt and the Mandate of Heaven could not be with them any longer. At the time, there was no strong leader from the Zhou. As a result, China pounded into the Warring States Period. It was called the Warring States Period because of the amount of wars that was taken place among the states. Each state built great armies, walls and improved military organizations and tactics. Military technology has also flourished between states to fight for the Mandate of heave. The war was an opportunity to display skill and courage between other states. Not only that there was an increase in the size of the armies but in the government bureaucracy as well. Rulers ordered to record everything that goes on in the country from population to agriculture
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