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Synopsis of “What Happens in Flama” Genre: Fiction Word Count: 1531 By: Ava McCaughey, Adam Fox, and Abby Laramee. Throughout “What Happens in Flama,” three Bala Cynwyd Middle School students, Adam, Audrie, and Brooke, win a school contest to go the future. They arrive at school the following day and they are late for their pod! Just in time they hop in and go. It takes eight hours to get to Flama. The future wasn’t what they expected. There are no pretty trees and not a lot of grass. They are greeted by a guy named Randy. He offers to take them on a tour, and they unknowingly accept. They go to the zoo, where they see some very strange animals. Randy asks them if what they are witnessing is weird and if they just want to go back to where they came. Adam replies saying that going to the future is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Audrie and Brooke agree and give Randy more reasons for why they are staying in Flama.…show more content…
They look at how different it is from the restaurants they’re used to. After they order a message pops up on the TV screen on the table. The three learn about the crazy weather that is going on in Flama. This unexplainable weather causes groups of people close to the storm drop dead. This makes everything worse because the residents of Flama have no idea how to stop it. The video ends and Randy walks in. He tries to convince the kids to leave and fails but he does manage to mention that they shouldn’t die yet. He runs away and this leaves them in a state of simultaneous panic and confusion. That feeling is interrupted though because there is a loud crunch outside. They go to investigate. The three jog outside and see a large humanoid machine that spews different weathers, and top that off Randy is its

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