What Happens When People Pass Away Analysis

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The title of this story is showing that life has a law that everyone goes by and nobody really has a choice in this. That is that everyone will pass away. There is nothing that can stop this from happening. Death is something that has to happen to everybody. Throughout this story it 's saying there is no reason to fight this. Everyone is eventually going to die and everybody has a time to die that is already planned out. It 's the way life goes. Not just everybody, but everything will sooner or later die. Old things pass away for new things to come. When someone or something gets too weak or old to keep getting through life they will pass away or die. When a person or even a tree gets to old that it can 't take care of itself or be strong…show more content…
I think that when the Natives allowed this to happen they just wanted nature and life to do it 's thing. Nothing was designed or made to live forever. We slowly grow older and experience and go through different things. It 's all a part of life. The Natives just really accepted and embraced this. When someone would grow old and was then holding back the tribe they would let nature take care of them. That was probably much easier than the tribe killing the old or having to keep almost dragging them along. Leaving them behind would let something in nature take their life such as wolves attacking or possibly freezing to death. The Eskimos see that life is a natural thing. We come into life then leave this life. It 's the way of life. When you grow old your time is up on this earth. Today i think we treat our elderly completely different. Today we try to keep everyone alive for as long as we can. We give them medicine or even get special help for the elders of today. Even though we all know that everyone is going to die it seems as though we try to forget that. I even think that even if it may be someone 's time to go we just won 't let them go. Sometime we can get caught up in

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