What Happens When You Have Shot Persuasive Speech

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You’ve probably never met someone who’s been shot in the head, or killed by a racist, have you? Well, that’s what these teen activists work for. They risk their lives for the better good. Malala wants girls to go to school, Anne wants anarchy to stop, and Thione Niang wants to help people through hard times. They fight almost endlessly for us and make sure that we live a happy, healthy, going to school life. They all want to make the world a better place.

Would you believe it if I told you that someone got shot in the head just for going to school? Whose life was great and no one had anything against her or wanted to harm her in any way? Yeah, me neither, but it happened. The girl’s name was Malala, and she was shot by the Taliban for going to school. Luckily, she recovered and
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She lived in the 1920s to 1940s. She only lived this long due to one hateful, horrible, racist, idiotic man… Adolf Hitler. He wanted to kill all Jews just for being Jews!He was the guy who started World War II, and had a great stand of power for some time. Anne and her family had to hide from Hitler because he wanted to kill every Jew practically in the world. So, they went into hiding. They hid in the secret annex of her father’s business company only accessible from the inside. It was kind of like a house except it was stocked with canned goods instead of stuff like loaves of bread or cartons of milk. They went undiscovered for many years, but one day, someone on their side ratted them out… a traitor. No one knows who the traitor was yet, but it could be discovered soon. Then, Hitler took their whole family and tortured them and then killed them. The only one to survive was Anne’s dad. He was devastated when he heard the news of his daughter’s death. But, luckily, her devastated when he heard the news of his daughter’s death. But, luckily, her em inspiring. Now, you’ll hear about this great man named Thione
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