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Happiness has always been a topic to study by the scientists, psychology and philosophers; however, there is not an agreement about what happiness is. Some branches of the psychology prefer to study the positive feelings that could make the human being feel happy, due to how wide could be the concept of happiness.
Humans being has always wanted to discover the key to happiness, furthermore, which is the definitions that science gives to happiness? Otherwise, is happiness a feeling that could be reachable thanks to the things that the human being owned? And afterwards, does the happiness exist as long as the feelings and actions are in the right places? In the next paragraphs these questions are going to be answered.
To begin the etymological
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Is it happiness reachable? Scientific affirm that there are activities and behavior that could make a person feel happy. Dr. Jeroen Nalwun, stated that people who travel often are happier, not due to the journey itself but the excitement of preparing the trip. Moreover, lots of psychologist and sociologist agree on what makes people happy is being grateful, there are studies made by Hefferon and Boniwell, for instance, that people who are grateful, are happy instantly. Whilst, a study from the Wisconsin University, discover that people who live for a realistic aim, delete the negative feelings, to that Psychologist recommend to live the present looking forward to a realistic aim. Spending time with family and friends, with positive people and going out often, are a good way to bring happiness to life. The book “The Longevity Project” conclude that the relationship between the loved ones are important to live a long and happy live. As in, going out will make any human feel happy due to the light of the sun stimulates the endocrine functions and increase the production of serotonin. In fact, a study made by the School of Economics and Political Science from London concludes that spend around 20 minutes outside will help to get a good mood and even improve memory. Alternatively, doing physical exercise , it is well known that being active by doing exercise will increase the energy level and reduce the stress, besides, it will help to set free chemicals from the brain as the endorphins, which helps to perceive the life in a positive way. As well as listening to music, Saarikallio y Erkkila, psychologist, investigate the effect of the music on the mood of a person, and the conclusions were simple, the good music affects positively on the mood and humor of a person. Finally, it is important to be happy and not concentrate on looking for it. The University of
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