What Has Changed My Life

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During the same point in life, everyone goes through something rough affecting their life forever. The way people handle a certain situations that life throws at them, is usually a reflection of who they are as a person. When a person goes through something tough, it is hard to know how to cope with what they are going through. For me I did not understand what was happening and why all the sudden I would not be able to get out of bed, because I was too anxious. Both of my parents didn’t understand what was happening and why all the sudden I would get anxiety over something small. The start of my anxiety and panic attacks had changed my life and kept me from doing normal things.
It first started in 7th grade when I was prescribed vyvanse for
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I had knew other people in my friend group that took the medicine as well, but they were fine and they liked the medicine so I just thought it got to my head. As the year progressed I started to become silent at lunch and not talk to anybody at school, the only social activity I participated in was when I was at dance and not on the medicine. My friends had realized that I was not the same and would try to get me to speak and hang out on the weekends, but I just said I had dance, cheer, or gymnastics. Starting my 8th grade year I realized how anti social I became since I had started this new medicine. I had quit dance because it became too stressful socially for me to do and then in the middle of the year had to drop out of cheer. However I ended up becoming friends with someone who is still my best friend to this day, she was so strong and confident and I admired how she was. She had told me she understood what I had been through and would pull me out of the house constantly, and continues to do this for me till this day. My anxiety would be with me from when I woke up in the morning
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