Personal Narrative: The Stress That Changed My Life

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During the same point in life, everyone goes through something rough affecting their life forever. The way people handle a certain situations that life throws at them, is usually a reflection of who they are as a person. When a person goes through something tough, it is hard to know how to cope with what they are going through. For me I did not understand what was happening and why all the sudden I would not be able to get out of bed, because I was too anxious. Both of my parents didn’t understand what was happening and why all the sudden I would get anxiety over something small. The start of my anxiety and panic attacks had changed my life and kept me from doing normal things.
It first started in 7th grade when I was prescribed vyvanse for
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I would eat lunch with a group of girls that was more friends with my other friend, and they were ok I didn’t feel comfortable with them or anyone really. Eating at lunch would be hard because it gave me so much anxiety with the talking and people, so I began to have to leave during the lunch and go to the locker room and finish my food or go sit in the library. I did not want to intrude on my sister and her friends even though later when I told her this she said she wouldn’t have cared at all. I didn’t understand what and why things would make me so anxious all the time and it started to make me really sad and down all the time. I began to see a psychologist because I started to miss too much school, due to not being able to get out of bed a lot. I was still doing gymnastics at this point and my mom wouldn’t let me quit because she said I needed to try and deal with my anxiety in some way. I didn’t mind gymnastics as much until my anxiety got worse when I started high school, all the people on my team did homeschooling and I remember how jealous I was of them. It became harder on me because I just did not want to get out at all for anything and somehow got anxious going to gymnastics. I knew my mom would not let me quit so the night before a competition I actually had slipped in the hotel shower and did…show more content…
So one quiz day I had already gotten made fun of by him for needing it on paper and yelled at me to just take it on the computer, and as I did take it online I had failed the quiz. He was going over the quiz grades aloud and telling them in front of the class, without permission from anyone, but for some reason he did not tell anybody theirs, just mine. In front of the class he made fun of how bad of a grade I got and was telling the whole class how I did bad and making fun of the answers I put. I got so anxious I took my things as quickly as I could and left the room to go cry in the bathroom stall. A girl in my class who I had talked to in the class and had used to be pretty good friends with followed me in there to help me calm down and go to the nurses office because I could not breathe. I had made it to the nurses office and was already anxious from the whole situation, and then got more anxious for crying in front of someone. I left school early that day and did not come back for two days after that because I wasn’t able to get out of bed. I began more therapy and a different medicine for me. It had gotten pretty rough after that with going to his class every day, but it was almost summer and I tried to push through the year. My family was very helpful over this time and would
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