What I Want To Do In Life

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Have you ever imagined what to make of your life? If not put the question in mind, because before you know it you won 't have the time. Now let me tell you a story on how I found what I wanted to be in life. So as a kid everyone “knew” what they wanted to be, like for example most guys would want to be a cop, fireman or a doctor ands for the girls they would want to be a princess or a nurse or a dentist and only a handful of those kid get to actually do that when they get older and then the other kid, who knows what they will do. Back to my story so I was about 16 years old when I decided to be a nurse. Because I use to have this dream that I would be a professional actor and and then become a director but then I started to get more into the acting thing and I would get parts as like and extra but i never wanted to be an extra i always wanted to be a star of the movie, but once I woke up and smelled the coffee i knew that being an actor wasn 't for me, so that is when I started to get into the medical field.

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If your a senior and you still don 't know what you want to be just start trying everything out because you will find what you 're looking for no matter what. For me I like being a nurse because it isn 't that hard and isn 't that easy either it 's just right and it the perfect thing for me because of how nice the people are sometimes.

I 'm glad that I had the chance to find out what I wanted to be as an adult because I don 't know what I would be doing if I didn 't look and look for what I wanted to be. So thanks to all of those teachers who helped and supported me in my journey of life I really appreciate it a lot. Thanks to homer who was a really big part of my life because he is the one that inspired me to find what I wanted to do in
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