What I Want To Do In My Life: Who Am I?

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‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I want to do in my life’ are questions asked to me many times throughout my life- by my parents, my teachers and my friends. Every time they ask this kind of questions, I always give them, the exact same response or something along the lines of- ‘I don’t know’. One thing I realized after losing 2 of my best friends is that I am someone that needs companionships and

It was the 5th grade where I fell in love with football. Before the 5th Grade I played football, for club teams, however, I did not ‘love’ it. That was until I met my two closest friends or my only friends for that year and the year after that. I had met these kids in the previous years and we were also on the same football club, however, we were not ‘close friends’. I became friends with these kids through a good game of pickup football on a Sunday. I don’t remember how or what, but on that day, Julian and Thomas became some of the best friends I have ever had. I know that 's sounds kind of cheesy, but that was how it was. We played football every recess, we went to each other 's house every other week and we chatted with each other every single day. If my home was not able to hospitalize my friends, I would go to either Julian’s house or Thomas. If Julian was not available to chat that night, I would be chatting with Thomas, If Thomas was not available to chat that night I would be chatting with Julian and if I was not available to chat that night, I would know that Julian and Thomas
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