What If The Cold War Never Began Analysis

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What if the Cold War never happened. What if all of God’s creations created equal were treated equally. What if all citizens were provided healthcare and financial protection. What if both men and women were given equal pay and equal rights. What if Henry Agard Wallace succeeded Franklin Delano Roosevelt to becoming the 33rd president of America .

Henry Agard Wallace is the ultimate lesson in “what if.” President Henry Agard Wallace is the president who never was. You've never heard of him because President Wallace never happened. Henry Wallace never became president because he took a stand. He refused to compromise his principles or his beliefs. It was 1940. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vice president. But some politicians weren’t
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The next day, the United States of America declared war on Japan and officially entered World War II. Then, the United States of America declared war on Germany and Italy on December 11, 1941, retaliating to Germany and Italy’s declaration of war against America. The Americans weren’t prepared for war and Franklin Delano Roosevelt immediately demanded all men start training and all industries start producing military goods and weapons. Citizens were compelled to lend money and produces to the federal government in order to support the soldiers overseas. Most Americans wanted victory overseas and to quickly return to normal life. However, others believed that peacemaking was the strategy and that the war was a waste of money and resources. Among them was Henry Agard Wallace.

Henry Agard Wallace was the 33rd vice president of the United States (1941–1945) under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was born in Orient, Iowa on October 7, 1888. His father, Henry Cantwell Wallace, was the Secretary of Agriculture under the presidency of Warren G. Harding and John Calvin Coolidge Jr. As he was a busy man and could not oversee his son, George Washington Carver, who Wallace met when was six, significantly influenced his life. Carver sparked Wallace’s interest and love of
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Roosevelt also anticipated that Wallace would appeal to more agricultural voters as farmers at the time, suffering from a grain surplus and income deficit, found opportunities to rebel against the government. Roosevelt and Wallace went on in the election to defeat the Republican party candidate Wendell Willkie. The early months of his vice presidency were relaxing and gave Wallace plenty of spare time to enjoy. However, as the United States propelled into war, he was given many unprecedented tasks. One of Wallace's biographers, Richard Walton, said “never before, nor since, has a Vice President had so much direct executive authority.” Wallace took his job seriously and used the opportunity to express his perspective of the political situation at the time. He was accused of being radical, however, Henry Agard Wallace was a progressive crusader. He espoused utilizing “a non-violent, tolerant and democratic way[...]to direct the ever-changing and increasing power of science into channels which will bring peace and the maximum of well-being both spiritual and economic to the greatest number of human beings.” Wallace revolutionized agricultural production. Worked to resolve international conflicts. Reformed gender roles and relations, and advanced racial and
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