What If You Do Bike Thief Analysis

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The stories below will tell us how some people do care about humanity, while other people can be bullies and not care at all.

The Biased Eye
After reading the Biased Eye i learned a couple things like people don't know how they can see the kind of shapes and don't know how an eye really works.
A different part of the biased eye says that something about police and what it says about them that the police are not no different then anyone else but only they can pull you over and thing like that and that they not bad people.

After the video What Would You Do - Bike Thief, there was a difference in how the public treated each thief. In one segment, the bike thief was a white male. A family passed by him and didn't know what to do. The family walked away staring down at the thief. Only a handful of people asked if the bike belonged to him. They were loath to get involved in the situation. The next thief was a black male and many people asked him if that was his bike. More people approached the black man, assuming he was stealing, or they automatically called the police to report a man stealing a bicycle. People assumed he was stealing the bike because he was black. The final thief was a white female. It was mostly men who came to help her cut the chain, even though they knew she was stealing it. Ladies who passed by the woman asked her questions about why she was cutting the chain, if that was her bike or if she was stealing it, and they called the police. In one example, a husband and wife approached the girl
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People were looking at them and wanted to tell them to stop drinking if they were about to get on a plane and fly. Some people said they weren't too worried about the drunk pilots since they wouldn't be riding on that same airplane. A customer said that if they're going on a plane then why are they drinking, so he called the
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