What Impact Did Modernism Affect Architecture And Its Development In Europe

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Jimena Cueto How did Modernism affect architecture and its development in Europe? Analysis Modernism began affecting the architectural development in Europe since de 1900’s. Modern architecture was created by society to express their thoughts and beliefs of the world’s situation. For instance, in the beginning the architectural style was affected by the consequences of World War 1. At that time this movement worked as a distraction for the people, as a distraction that would help them forget their economic, social, and political situation; an approach to modern art, politics, science, and life. This new movement had the purpose of developing a new culture that would leave behind the traditions and authority, in search for a modern society. As a result, Modernism affected the architectural development in Europe in a powerful and strong way. Architecture stopped being just a “job” that created buildings and houses. The new goal was to leave the traditions behind, have no decorations in the buildings, focus on the function and esthetics and on the nature of each building. Evaluating the past and the rise of this movements help understand the basic facts and the context of the movement itself. There are many different opinions regarding the effect and the impact that Modernism had on Europe’s architectural development. Some individuals say that there was a huge positive impact and some say there was a negative impact. This all depends on the point of view. After doing my

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